Round trip to Rotherhithe and through the Thames Tunnel

A few photos from today’s walk through the Thames Tunnel from Rotherhithe to Wapping and back to Rotherhithe.
As you might know, the Thames Tunnel was the first tunnel to go under a river in the World and is now the oldest bit of TfL infrastructure. From Rotherhithe Station you first walk through the high brick vaulted tunnel of the East London Railway (as was) before going through the more modestly proportioned Thames Tunnel. 
An enjoyable trip and visit but somewhat annoying as I had to walk to Rotherhithe to go on the walk. In the photos you’ll see some bits of the tunnel look more clean and polished, these are the bits which have been rendered in concrete in the 1990s to protect the structural integrity of the tunnel. The other bits are where the tunnel has been left untreated. We had an excellent volunteer guide (a member of TfL staff) and a unique experience.
Obligatory incorrect exposure setting photo.

The vault of the tunnel for the East London Railway
with Thames Tunnel in the background.

Inside the Thames Tunnel.
Note the untreated brickwork

Untreated tunnel

Concrete treated

Concrete clad tunnel archway

Wapping from the tracks

Turning round at Wapping

Transition from Thames Tunnel to extended underground tunnel

My partner’s fee(d) for walking to Rotherhithe

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