Margate Shell Grotto

On a somewhat run down residential street in a Margate is an experience that few might anticipate. Discovered by a man digging a duck pond, for less than £4 a valiant explorer can enter an underground grotto cut into the rock, built when and for what purpose no one knows.

After an initial display on the history (or lack of) of the grotto you walk through a weaving corridor cut into the rock before the truly eerie bit begins. This isn’t just an underground chamber, but one covered in intricate patterns of seashells arranged in countless panels, each displaying a unique primitive design.
Although not massive, it is impressive. There’s an initial corridor that joins a ring of further seashell designs and beyond which is another corridor which starts with a small dome which allows some daylight and then what is described as an altar room. Whether the niche in the wall is an altar or not, you could easily imagine this featuring in a deleted scene from the Wickerman and all sorts of shenanigans going on. I personally like to think of it as a Knights Templar orgy room…but hey!
If you’re in Margate, take the 10 minutes to walk from the town centre to this incredibly creepy gem, you won’t be disappointed. Find out more at the official website.

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