Demolition of Fortress Wapping

St George have submitted their demolition plans to the council (available here, relevant document here). Perhaps not a very glamorous topic to write about, but worthwhile to be aware of if you live in the area. I’m not planning on commenting on the document, but if you live off Pennington Street, or at the top end of Wapping Lane (such as Eluna) you may wish to consider the impact, particularly if you are at home during the day.
Key thing to note is that there will be up to 65 vehicle movements a day to the site, which I assume will be dump trucks once demolition starts, arriving on site via Artichoke Hill, driving eastwards down Pennington towards the entrance by the boundary with Tobacco Dock, then driving clockwise round the site and leaving via Wapping Lane and onto The Highway.
In the first phase of the building, the trucks will exit by driving through the south side of the printworks building. In the second, they will keep to the north of the building. In their document it says there were planning to run vehicles between Quay 430 and the south of the printworks but have responded to residents’ feedback.
Vehicle movements in phase 1.

Vehicle movements in Phase 2
Demolition will carried out 8am to 6pm Mon-Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays. The process will take 12 months. 
Demolition will be via a ‘long reach’ machine – essentially some jaws on an arm – no exciting/disconcerting explosions.
The building will be demolised in two phases, first the north half moving eastwards, and then the southern half.

Demolition in phase 1
Phases and zones of demolition
How building will be demolished (looking from NW corner)
There will dust, and sound and vibration monitoring on the site at various points.

Dust monitoring points

Vibration monitoring

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