Coffee revolution filtering through

Back in the day when I moved to the area, there wasn’t a great variety of coffee shops in the area (though there were a few more other eateries that weren’t coffee driven). In St Katharine Docks you had either Starbucks or Ebb, which although adequate had seizure inducing blurry wallpaper. In Wapping you had the Turks Head or Gastronomica. But then it began to change.
Coffique, Cinnamon and White Mulberries have moved in and things have shifted up a gear. This week White Mulberries was voted London’s favourite coffee shop proving that Wapping isn’t a deadspot for quality coffee (and I agree with the masses). Recent forays to Bottega have found their quality to be good quality and whilst I’m still not convinced with an Italian breakfast, their food is very good.
Another quiet revolution seems to have been occurring on and off Whitechapel Road and Mile End Road over the past two years. With the latest arrival Foxcroft and Ginger on Mile End Road having opened in the last month or so. So new in fact that it doesn’t have a sign.
Foxcroft and Ginger

However, not having a sign seems to be painfully en vogue at present: Genesis Cinema has for several months had no sign and is currently displaying a half-hearted banner.

Going west,  Exmouth Coffee Company are also similarly nameless. In fact when we went in last weekend I have to read a bag of coffee beans to find the name of the shop written down.
Exmouth Coffee Company by Aldgate East/Whitechapel Gallery
Breakfast at Foxcroft and Ginger was ok, but perhaps unnecessarily fancy. We’ll give it a few more weeks to see if service improves but with so many places to try (Motown Desserts and the Crepe Shop on Fieldgate Street next on the list) you’re certainly not limited for choice in Whitechapel, Aldgate and Wapping.

The Urban café outside Whitechapel Station
a good option for a takeway coffee in my opinion
Floating head in Qbic hotel, Whitechapel
The Crepe Shop and art café unsampled but interesting
Long Shot on Leman Street.
A solid contender with a casual feel.
Miss Chu for Vietnamese coffee

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