Life expectancy in Tower Hamlets

A quick canter through the life expectancy of those entering the world in Tower Hamlets reveals some startling differences in life expectancy.

 I have no comprehension how life expectancies are calculated and to be honest I have no desire to either, however a quick look at some ward level data reveals some surprising variations in life expectancy of babies being born and raised in Tower Hamlets given the short physical distances between wards. I’m not qualified to say what drives the variation, but quite interesting to see nonetheless.

Female Life expectancy at birth

Female life expectancy ranges by upto 7 years between wards, with the lowest life expectancy in Limehouse at 78.2 years and the highest 84.9 yearsin Blackwall and Cubitt Town on the east side of the Isle of Dogs. Life expectancy in the two halves of the IoD varies by two years.

Male life expectancy at birth

For male babies their life expectancy varies between 74 and 81. Interestingly, life expectancy for males is greater on the West side of the IoD in Millwall than it is on the East side, a reversal of the female pattern. Eight of the 17 wards have life expectancies of under 75.7 years and 12 have life expectancies less than 77 years.

Difference in life expectancy between the sexes

Comparing gender variation within wards it is interesting that in 3 wards the difference in under 3.8 years but in two wards (Bethnal Green South and Weavers) the difference is much greater at 7.7 years.

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