Wapping on Screen: A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Not one of the best known (or even best) Simon Pegg films, but will the added interest that it was written and directed by Crispian Mills (grandson of John Mills, son of Hayley Mills and front man of Kula Shaker*).
The film is set in Hackney, with some of the action presumably meant to take place on or around Kingsland Road given references to Little Vietnam. The plot consists of Simon Pegg as a paranoid writer trapped at home, before the climax of the film in a launderette. The actual launderette scenes were shot in Hemel Hempstead but the exteriors were of The Smokehouse Studios on Pennington Street dressed up.

The Smokehouse
Rum warehouse on the left, looking west

You can see Pennington Street from 1:04 for a few seconds in the trailer.

*We once went to see Kula Shaker after they reformed and had the surreal experience of seeing Kula Shaker supporting Kula Shaker but wearing kaftans, fake beards and sunglasses – most of the audience didn’t realise they were getting a double bill and just kept chatting oblivious.

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