Memories of News International Fortress Wapping from the Pootling Around Photo Album

Now that planning permission has been granted for the first phase of the London Docks development, we can expect demolition of the old News International building.
Back in July 2012, when some were thinking about some sports day over in Newham, I was in the planning zone and headed over to an open day at the site. It was a fascinating excursion visiting all corners of the site, from the old rum warehouse, the printworks, the roof of the building and Rebekah Brooks’ dressing room.
So, as we await the wrecking ball or whatever, let’s remember what’s about to disappear and as a last thought – if you live in Quay 430 and worry about being overlooked by the new development- just remember that the executive team of News International all were looking in at you.

Bridge into the Times office

Gate between the site and Tobacco Dock

Basement below the rum warehouse

Ramp into the printworks

Inside the printworks

Designated parking space

Ink delivery inlets

Office space in rum warehouse

Strategy whiteboards left unscrubbed

Rebekah Brooks’ office

Entering the dressing room

Brooks’ dressing room. Packet of tights wrapper left abandoned

James Murdoch’s Office with special ceiling coving

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