Wapping music videos and adverts: Mika and ITV player

Not really sure if this counts as a music video or an advert, but of note, as I walked into the Prospect of Whitby just as they were finishing filming part of it, which required having a San Miguel Sign in the window despite not selling it.

  • Curved jetty by Trafalgar Court at 0:47 and various points
  • The Prospect appears at 2:14
  • Shadwell Basin Pierhead at 3.00

Other bits of East London include the Overground both on board (passing through Shoreditch High Street?) and in the background on a viaduct it approaches Shoreditch High Street Station, with the Truman Brewery building in the background.

As that video is a bit disappointing (Mika and San Miguel don’t really invoke passion), a bonus advert, which was filmed partly on Wapping Wall (the very first few seconds) and again on the jetty (very end). You can read about some of the filming on Alan and Metok’s blog here.

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