Wapping Music Videos – Morrissey in Wapping

Morrissey taking one to the bollards on Reardon Street
Morrissey taking one to the Bollards
on Tench Street/Reardon Street
A couple of videos I’ve been meaning to share from the early to mid 1990s.

First up is the music video to ‘We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful’. It’s pretty interesting as it shows two parts of Wapping undeveloped – firstly the Turks Head pub and secondly what I think is the small housing estate off Reardon Street that is now home to Waterman Way. The album it the single was from was recorded in March 1992, and the single was released in April 1992, so this gives an approximate timing of the filming – it’s not really a sophisticated video, but certainly has local interest. I’m not sure which warehouse it’s filmed in. There are exterior shots of Oliver’s Wharf, but that was converted in 1972, so not the derelict warehouse it’s filmed in.

Just being melancholy

Towards the end of the video is a shot of the Reardon Street sign with grafiti – this is presumably because a photo from a Juergen Teller photoshoot was used to promote 1990’s Bona Drag album and indeed the corner of Tench Street and Reardon Street featured on the album artwork (see here) so by 1992 the area had presumably become a place of pilgrimage.

This more importantly is the corner of the Great Wapping Tobacco Theft I wrote about.

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The second video ‘Introducing Morrissey’ was released in 1996 and was a live recording of some of Morrissey’s songs from a 1995 concert and has a few snippets of Wapping starting one minute in.

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