Holiday blog: Another Place by Anthony Gormley

On a crisp November morning, we took the train to Liverpool and hopped onto a local service. Half an hour later our train we got off the train at Blundellsands & Crosby, a suburb so pleasant it inspired the design of De Haan on the Belgian coast.
Spread over two miles between Waterloo and Sefton is Another Place, an installation of 100 Anthony Gormley sculptures. It’s a lovely flat beach with an esplanade, and seemingly popular with dog walkers. On a chilly but sunny day, it made for a perfect walk.
As the tide ebbs and flows the sculptures are hidden and revealed, making a dynamic sculpture. Over time the saltwater corrodes the iron and barnacles clamp themselves onto the figures, standing ominously out to sea.
If you’re in the north-west of England, try and find time to head to Merseyside.

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