Average number of residents per property in Tower Hamlets

As part of my ongoing pootling around the world of open data, and my interest in local demographics, I thought it interesting to examine how many people actually live in each property as yet another way to see how people in Tower Hamlets live. I’m using 2011 census data, analysed by postcode. The size of the circles represent the size of the population living at each address in a given postcode and the colour represents the average number of people living in each property. I’ve excluded unoccupied properties from the dataset. Green means that the average number of residents is 1-1.99, yellow is 2-2.99, orange is 3-3.99 and red is 4 or more.

These are averages, so their usage needs care, but when the averages are less than two, we can tell that there are a lot of a single people or childless couples and I assume these people aren’t all rattling around in a 4 bedroom house.

The map benefits from zooming in – basically properties by the river are generally green, albeit with a much richer mix on the eastern river side on the Isle of Dogs, possibly because of the greater mix of housing stock around Caledonian Wharf and Plymouth Wharf.

Multiple occupation is far more likely towards the north of the borough and away from the river – this data doesn’t show if these are famillies or house shares, but I think it is indicative of properties closer to the river being designed for singles or couples rather than famillies or multiple occupancies. It may also be that wealthy people buy the largest property available even if they don’t need all the rooms. I will try to find a data set with the number of properties with different numbers of bedrooms to accompany this research. What the green lined banks of the river suggest to me though, is that planning is not being used effectively to encourage mixed developments.

There is one very large red circle in Spitalfields – this is a student halls of residence which has been treated as a single property.

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