Raversijde -Openluchtmuseum Atlantikwall – Atlantic Wall open air museum

Just outside of Ostend, on the way to Middelkerke is the Atlantic Wall open air museum. What is the Atlantic Wall you ask? Well, think the opening sequence to Saving Private Ryan – basically a system of coastal fortifications stretching from Norway to the French-Spanish border built by the Germans in the Second World War.
The stretch at Raversijde is particularly well preserved. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to visit the museum itself, but whilst Mrs Pootling Around was having a lie-in (until 8 am!) I jumped on the Kusttram and rode a few stops south of Ostend and took a few photos in the early morning light from the seafront looking up at the defences.
Lots of cannon and bunkers – not much variety in this set of photos, but it is a remarkable place and a unique experience for me.

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