London Dock Development- Introduction

The first in a series of posts on the submitted hybrid planning application for the development of the former News International Site


Given the volume of documents (249) that are included in the planning application, I thought I would pick out some of the key elements that may be of interest to residents, either for information, or in aiding in whether to support or oppose the application.


What’s a hybrid planning application?

In planning, applications can be for outline planning permission or full planning permission. Outline consent, seeks approval for the overall scale and nature of a project. If this is granted, additional approval for detail will be required as “reserved matters”. Full planning permission includes all the relevent details, such as building plans, finishes and materials. Under planning law, there isn’t a specific definition for the term ‘hybrid’ but is essentially the consideration of an outline planning application with one or more sections in detail.


Which bits of the site are being developed first?

In the diagram below, full planning permission is being sought for buildings on plots A, B and C plus work to the Pennington Street warehouse (the ‘rum warehouse’, PSW below) and Times House (TH in the diagram).

What about the school?

The school is included in the plans as plot E with an indication of the broad scale and size of the development. Detailed design of the school will be the responsibility of Tower Hamlets.


And the tall building…?

It’s going to be around 110m tall, but, this is 15 metres shorter than it was at phase two.


What’s it all going to look like? 

Because not all of the scheme has been fully designed it’s not possible to say, but the architect’s visuals for the elements applying for full planning permission are below:

 Summary of development

  •  Site area: –– 6.1 hectares.
  • Total floorspace:–– up to 218,908 sqm GEA. (excluding basement)
  • Residential (use class C3):
  • –– Total number of homes: up to 1800.
  • –– Total residential floorspace: up to 187,888 sqm GEA.
  • A range of residential tenures will be provided.

The following uses are proposed within the development:
  • Residential (C3).
  • Office (B1).
  • Retail (A1-A5).
  • Community & Leisure (D1/D2).
  • Secondary school (D1).
  • Ancillary management and supporting facilities, car parking, circulation, servicing and plant.
School (use class D1):
  • Total floorspace: up to 9,550 sqm GEA.
Non-residential flexible floorspace (including retail A1-A5, offices B1 and other community and leisure uses D1-D2).
  • Total non-residential floorspace: up to 21,469 sqm GEA.

Description of plots

  • Plot A – A predominantly residential building located at the south west corner of the Site along Vaughan Way.
  • Plot B – A residential building with 2 storeys of commercial space at ground floor, addressing Pennington Street Warehouse to the east, the Arrival Square to the west and the Gauging Square to the south.
  • Plot C
    • Building C1 – A taller residential building which aims to address the City and Gauging Square to the west and the Promenade to the south.
    • Building C2C3 – A predominantly residential building which addresses Pennington Street Warehouse and is connected to Building C1
  • Times House – An existing building to be redeveloped into residential use.
  • Pennington Street Warehouse – A Grade II Listed building to be retained and converted.

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