New Tesco Express for St Katharine Docks

My periodic trawl of the Tower Hamlets Planning database reveals that a Tesco Express is coming to St Katharine Docks. You can see the documents on the LBTH database here. As a reminder, I have developed a Wapping specific extract of the database available on this blog here, which is an easier way of checking on local applications, for numerous reasons.

The store will be on St Katharines Way, in  the former ‘The Dog House’ Bar, on the south west corner of the docks. The West and South Elevations are shown below.

Whilst Tesco might not be everyone’s cup of tea, or preferred choice of occupant, one upside is an additional cash machine, which may benefit independent traders as I have on occasion found the cash machine by Starbucks to be out of money.

The big question for some will be whether the length of queues at Waitrose in peak hours are going to be affected. A bigger question is whether the new caf├ęs in the Docks will be affected.

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