Programme Review: Daddy Long Legs – St James Theatre

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Daddy Long Legs by Paul Gordon and John Caird, St James Theatre

When purchased:

Foyer,  Friday16th November




38, of which 19 relate to the production

Notable adverts:

  • Country Cousins – live-in carers
  • Hurtwood House School
  • Edward Goodyear Florists


16 photos scattered through the programme (note hower there is only one set and two actors- so it’s commendable they managed to get 16 different photos!)


  • One page on how long it took to write the music and lyrics
  • One page song list
  • Two pages of  ‘did you know?’ facts about the play
  • Two page score and libretto from one of the songs
  • Nine pages of cast and creative biographies
  • Centre pages is essentially a playbill listing key creatives.



2.5 out of 5 – At £4 I’d like some more background information on the play, particularly on the book that it’s based on- which we’re told Theodore Roosevelt’s visted Jean Webster (who wrote the novel) as a passionate admirer, but little else, which is a problem as I don’t think the book is that well known in the UK. The score was a nice touch, but the programme just doesn’t add value to the theatre going experience, I want a programme to bring out the themes of the play.

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