Anti-social behaviour at Capital Wharf

Following on from my previous post, I have received a draft response to my query on the evidence used by LBTH to approve the planning application for railings at Capital Wharf. Here I look at the evidence used by the council with respect of Anti Social Behaviour.

Data extracted from CAD from 01, August 2011 to 31, August 2012  looking at ASB near and around CAPITAL WHARF, 50 WAPPING HIGH STREET E1W. Rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour accounts for 75% (45 incidences) of all reports. Highest incidences occur on Monday between the hours 1945 to 0530Hrs followed by Saturday between the hours of 1500 to 0215Hrs. Tuesday has the lowest ASB incidences. ASB incidences across the rest of the weekdays are spread between 1400Hrs to 0700Hrs.


Domestic Incident
Rowdy Or Inconsiderate Behaviour
Sexual Offences
Suspicious Circumstances
Veh Nuisance / Inappropriate Use
Violence Against The Person
Grand Total


Now for me the crucial question, which I raised with LBTH, is, what is the definition of ‘near and around Capital Wharf’? Well, I have my answer and it looks as though I may have been proved correct in my fears. The 60 incidences of ASB do not relate to Capital Wharf, they relate to a much larger area shown below, bounded in the red box. I have added yellow highlighting to show where the railings will be installed, the yellow diamond and blue stars were provided by the police.
I note that there is a star by Capital Wharf, but that there are another 13 stars on the map. I can’t say what the distribution of ASB is over these stars, but given that we know from my previous analysis that Wapping High Street in total accounts for 24 instances of ASB, I think that this proves conclusively that there is nowhere near the level of reported ASB as the council believes relating to activity on the river path.
I remind readers again of what was stated in the report of the meeting:

1.4 On 5th October, the Council’s Crime Prevention & Secured by Design Officer
submitted information at the request of the case officer regarding Anti-Social
Behaviour reports to the Met Police around Capital Wharf and the nearby vicinity
between August 2011 and August 2012. The report confirmed that for that year
reports relating to “rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour” accounted for 75% (45
incidences) of all reports, with the highest incidences occurring on Monday between
the hours 1945 to 0530Hrs followed by Saturday between the hours of 1500 to

1.5 This gives officers assurance that there are ASB issues at and around the application
site and reassures officers that the proposed handrail may assist in addressing such

Quite simply, the data does not support the conclusion.



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