Programme Review: The Horror! The Horror!- Wilton’s Music Hall

A series of reviews of theatre programmes


The Horror! The Horror! – Wilton’s Music Hall and Theatre of the Damned.

When purchased:

Ticket desk, 26thOctober


£1 (I was given a complimentary copy)


12 including front cover, 8 pages relate to the production and 3 pages are general information on Wilton’s.

Notable adverts:

  • Jon Turner, designer of the programme
  • The Miskatonic University
  • Nyarlathothep – The Magic of old Egypt


No photos, head shots of cast.


  • One page of period advertisements
  • One page  note from ‘the management’
  • Two pages of cast bios
  • One page of crew bios
  • One page of words from Theatre of the Damned and Wilton’s
  • Back page includes choruses from two of the songs from the production


The programme is very nicely designed, with a suitably mix of Lovecraftian and period design flourishes. There’s no superfluous content. The inclusion of the choruses from two of the songs from the production is a nice touch, as well as tying together the programme and the setting of the performance.


5 out of 5 – Excellent value at only £1, and unlike many offwestend programmes, this one has had some attention paid to it. Reading through a programme like this, really gets you into the spirit of the evening.

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