A quick thought on the relationship between Tobacco Dock and ‘London Dock’

In my trawl of FOI requests to LBTH I found this letter [tiff, 1mb] from Messila House (who owned Tobacco Dock at the time) to LBTH which indicates that they were positive about the then proposed development by News International.

I understand that Tobacco Docks have been transferred to another related company and that this refers to the previous attempt to develop the NI site, but I think it gives some encouragement.

A couple of relevant extracts:

Firstly the acquisition by St George and the energies they are putting into consulting the community seem to suggest that they are moving forward.

Whether or not St George will come up with something too residential isn’t clear, but from what I’ve heard at the consultations so far seems to be consistent with Mesilla House’s sentiments:

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